Welcome to Melaka, Malaysia....

Glimpse into Melaka’s rich heritage

Melaka is the peacock of Malaysian cities located in the southern region of Malay Peninsula. It is bright, loud, and most beautiful with its wealth of native galleries, reddish colonial buildings and showy trishaws.

In 2008, UNESCO declared Melaka as a World Heritage Site. And since then Melaka’s tourism industry has been growing. It had become a multi-cultural trading town in East and Southeast Asia, forged from the mercantile exchange of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures and three successive European colonial powers for almost 500 years, each with its imprints on the architecture and urban form, technology and monumental art.

The city is a blend of old and new, historical establishments where ancient shops stand alongside with shopping complexes and contemporary offices. There is a wide range of sights to enjoy in the city, apart from that, artistic places can also be explored or get involved in sporting activities such as golf and jungle-trekking.

Besides the beautiful historical sites, Melaka is praised for its delicious cuisines. In every direction you look you will find places to eat. Even the experts claim that the best local dish cooked in Malaysia originated from Melaka.

Melaka is one of the most eye catching spot for tourists all over the world and is well-connected by international airport. Transportation within the city is made convenient with multiple options and extensive transit connectivity throughout the city.